Friday, August 11, 2006

Weeks 7-10

The first people to know were Ped and Tik; then Jordan and Mandy who were there right after the first pregnancy test; Matt and Brandi; the Wagens; the Hurleys; and the Ronks. It's been pretty hard for us not to slip up especially for Rocky. He's so funny. He's even been scared to talk to me about it at this point because he's afraid he'll get used to talking about it and just keep talking about it in front of people we're not quite ready to tell yet.

We've always wanted to wait until after the first trimester to tell the majority of people. So we've decided to go ahead and tell everyone on the 23rd which will be week 12 right after my 2nd appointment. We're still wondering how we'll break the news to Rocky's parents. My idea of breaking it to them would be showing up at Christmas 7 months pregnant. We were both hoping to hold out and tell them later after all the pressure they've put on us to have kids.

Things have been OK during the last few weeks. Nothing compares to how bad I felt week 6 in Bangkok though I do have glimpses each day of that horror. Each day is unique pretty much. I tend to feel the sickest regularly around 3pm-6:30 or 7pm. However, it can come on at anytime especially if I'm leaving air conditioning and hitting the texas heat. Pretty much any time that happens, I'm gagging for a few minutes.

But in a weird way, the sickness (which I refuse to call morning sickness) is comforting because I know I'm still pregnant. That's pretty much the only sign at this point, other than majorly tender breasts.