Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pictures I'm Behind on Posting

OK, so this post is very long and very random but I've been meaning to post all these pictures for awhile.

We went to NYC last month to visit friends (thank you frequent flyer miles), and we left Adelaide with the grandparents for the first time. It was hard to leave our little girl especially 'cause she had a cold, but everyone had a good time. I was a little worried my trip would be spoiled by morning sickness and a bad cold, but with a little help of Zofran and some Sudafed I was good to go.

not feeling so good.

the guys-- joel, josh, and rocky.

cute gideon, the hocks' son.

my ears were almost completely stopped up after the flights. i felt like my head my literally explode at one point the pressure was so bad. i couldn't hear very well for a day or so. must of have been what adelaide felt like before the ear tubes.

near the hock's place.

at central park.

me and colleen at central park.
me and rocky obviously.

again, central park. it was beautiful with the leaves changing colors.

as jack on 30 rock said last week, "we're off cupcakes, and we're back to doughnuts." the guy that owns this place asked where we were from and when we said austin he said, "oh, round rock donuts." He proceeded to trash talk them, but that's ok. His donuts were delicious.

times square obviously.

us at the UN, the biggest waste of our time and money on our trip-- the tour was lame.

Adelaide had a good time with her grammy and pops. They hung out around Austin, went to San Antonio, and visited Aunt Kay in Brenham. Here's some of their pictures.

at the outlet mall.

riding bikes.

playing dress up and then playing in puddles with jude.

at aunt kay's house.

at the san antonio riverwalk.

at the alamo.

i'm not sure what this picture is all about but i think it's hilarious so i'll end with it.

Working in New Zealand

this is the location where we will shoot the final shot of the film. The black sand was really cool, unfortunately I'm still finding it in my shoes.
The students on a "bit of a holiday" at the zoo
The Auckland skyline

If you didn't know i am in New Zealand working with NZ students on a summer project. We have 12 students who are here to learn about film making and the creative process. I taught today on the role of the director of photography, and about basic lighting for film and video. In the next week the students will be in groups working on 3 short films.

I am also here to make a sort film called The Rap. It is the story of ex-mongrel mob leader Tuhoe Issac. Tuhoe was once one of the most notorious gang members in New Zealand, who late in his life became a believer. The film is based on the true story of Tuhoe, and is centered around one of his many prison sentences. Tuhoe got 7 years for a fellow gang members crime. Part of the gang culture is that you get honor by serving the sentence for a brother in the gang. His live changes when he finds out that Christ took "the rap" for him, and died for his freedom. It is a pretty great opportunity to be here working on both of these projects. Thank you all for making it possible to be hear and tell this story.

Please keep Sunee and Adelaide in prayer as they are away visiting family and no doubt missing me unbearably. Adelaide is also pretty sick right now so she is having trouble sleeping and is feeling pretty bad. You can also pray that all will work out with the film here. New Zealand culture is very laid back and works on handshakes "no problem bro". It makes me nervous to not have everything nailed down as we go along, and don't think i don't know what a dork that makes me.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2 in Louisiana, 1 near New Zealand

Rocky was in Australia just a few hours ago on his way to New Zealand. He should be landing sometime soon. It's a crazy trip-- over 30 hours!

Adelaide and I are in Louisiana. Laissez les bons temps rouler. Adelaide's warmed up to my family and having a good time. Tonight she was super hyper and running around tickling everyone AND she peed in the potty. This makes 2 times for pee and 1 for poo. Sometimes she's too excited to remember she needs to go but when things are quiet and she's being patient, we've had success. We are gonna really work on it next month. You may have noticed the new ticker at the bottom of the page. We're hoping to get her trained before that ticker reaches 0.

Our road trip went pretty amazingly smooth yesterday despite a 6 hour trip turning into 8. This was my first road trip along with a kiddo. Adelaide slept 3 hours and was on perfect behavior the rest of the time. I didn't even have to resort to the DVD player I had as back up. Awesome. I was expecting the worst.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stuff we've been up to

I never sync my phone to my computer. I say never, but I just did it. Here's some pictures I've taken with it recently.

Adelaide likes accessories. Can you tell she put this on by her self?

Kid loves the swing.

At Champion park.

Right after she said, "I hug you cat."

Girl gets some serious bed (or carseat) head.
I recently went to Fun, Fun, Fun Fest where the highlight for me was my current favorite band, The National. I love them and have for awhile. The show was a little disappointing unfortunately but it still was a great time I was glad not to miss.

Adelaide and Kate rocking. Adelaide seriously getting that thing moving.

Sitting 'n Spinning. I was a little jealous. I remember how much fun that used to be.

Pretending to sleep in the cart at Sam's Club.

Right after she told me, "I love Cheerios."

A Finished Product

One of the projects Rocky has been working on is finished. I'm sure you can check it out elsewhere but I'm just going to link you here. Rocky was the cinematographer for alot of it. I think he did a great job. You'll also see a special appearance by yours truly and Baby Conly herself. This promo will be used to help recruit folks to use their skills within CCC to go out to the World.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Surprising Us Every Day

Adelaide's vocabulary is blowing our minds these days. She's speaking in complete sentences often or putting phrases together on her own. I've been trying to write some down as she says them. Here's some of the interesting things she's said in the past few days (at least they are interesting to me). I'll elaborate on ones that might need it:

No cat sink. (the cat was in the sink.)
My foot stuck mama's PJs (her foot was caught in my gown, sure 'nough)
My mouth hurts (we're guessing her teeth were hurting. her 2 year molars have been trying to come in forever).
I need that duck.
Push me wagon.
I peepee alot.
I don't want put clothes on.
I don't like it.
Bring baby bottle.
Bye Bye Kate's Momma (I told her to say bye to Colleen.)
Where'd Colleen go?
I don't like this blanket (when I replaced her normal one with a silky one).
I want toys.
I thirsty sleepy.
alot of people (she said this when we were eating breakfast at a donut shop the other morning in between saying hi to everyone that entered.)
watch the animals (wanting to see a video from the library).
I find the book.
dark outside.
No pumpkins eat that K? (telling the cat not to eat her miniature pumpkin.)
pretty bracelet.
cool necklace.
kitty's tail
kitty no fall (warning the cat of the edge of the dresser)
I'm helping k?
I like eat rice k?
cooler than dad (this one I made her repeat and sure enough that's what she said. she already knew that though).
I hug you bear.
I hug you monkey.
stay heres k? (telling her animals to stay where she put them. she also tells them to sit and sleep.)

Daddy is Home

Rocky was gone last week. We were so excited that he is back home. He stayed home on Friday to spend some time with us and rest so we headed to the Waco zoo. It was a little further away from the Austin zoo but way nicer. I've heard it's one of the nicest zoos in Texas. Here's lots of pictures of our day.

Before Rocky got home.


We had to keep reminding Adelaide that all the animals aren't the cute cuddly stuffed ones she has at home. When we walked up to the bear cage she said, "I hug you bear."

Looking for the alligators.

Looking at the fish.

Hanging with Dad.

I thought this picture was just super cute.

Adelaide loved the jaguar. Alot of the cages were clear glass which was excellent for viewing the animals.

Adelaide was sitting here when the coyote jumped up behind her. We thought she'd get scared but instead she said, "hi!"

The otter exhibit had a sweet clear slide that went through it.

Me and Adelaide checking out her favorite animal that day-- the elephant.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treat

Well, a couple of things didn't go as planned on Halloween this year. Rocky is currently in Rome and missed it. It was hot, and Adelaide couldn't wear her costume. And she was sick. We originally were going to go with the same people we did last year, but I didn't want to expose them to Adelaide germs so we just hung around the neighborhood. There was a party at the pool, and then we stopped at some houses on the way back home.

I made a last minute costume out of a pearl snap shirt, jeans, and a cowboy hat. Although she was excited to be a monkey, she enjoyed being a cowgirl too. Adelaide's enthusiasm wasn't as great as it would have been if she were feeling 100%. I think she still had a pretty good time though.
I love how her red hat stands out in all the pictures. This was early on in the evening while she was still holding her pony.

At the party at the pool with Jude, our neighbor's son, who was a cowboy.

Unfortunately this picture was blurry. It was perfect-- Adelaide was looking and smiling.