Thursday, May 21, 2009

2 week check up

So today we went in for Abram's 2 week check up. I knew he had been gaining weight since he's outgrown his preemie diapers and most of his preemie clothes but I didn't realize quite how much he had gained. Last Monday when we went in Abe weighed 5 lbs. 12 or 13 ounces. Today he was just one ounce shy of 7 lbs. He gained 18 ounces in 10 days. The pedi said they think a gain of one ounce is day is great but he gained almost 2 ounces a day. Craziness. Looks like the OB was right. He is gaining alot better out here. He went from about the 5th percentile at birth to now the 25th. I'm so glad he's doing so well.


It's slow to post pictures on blogger sometimes so for now I'm going to just post via mobile me and post links to them on the blog. So, if you are interested in new pictures, here is where you can find some. It's funny with the second how few pictures we're already taking compared with when Adelaide was new.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Abe is here

Just wanted to send out a quick update and some pictures. We are all doing very well, and Rocky and I are enjoying the new addition to our family. Abram (Abe) Roscoe Conly arrived yesterday afternoon at 2:10pm. Despite being a mere 5 lbs. 15 ozs and 19 inches at birth, he did not suffer any distress during labor and came out beautiful and healthy. The induction seems like it was a great decision. Abe is already making up for lost time by eating well. He is a cutie and very strong. He has already rolled over on his own several times and can lift up his head when on his stomach. The pediatrician said often times little babies are "scrappers;" that seems to be the case with our Abe. Thanks for all the care and love for our family. We have appreciated all your prayers.

If you want to see more of the little guy go over here .

-Rocky, Sunee, Adelaide, and Abe

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Chillin' at the Hospital

So Rocky and I went in today for my ultrasound and doctor's appointment. The ultrasound was encouraging-- baby is healthy, placenta looks healthy, amniotic fluid looks great, etc. However, our guy is still little; they are estimating around 5 lbs. 11 oz. Even though he has gained weight since the last ultrasound, he's dropped from 25th percentile to around the 5th. My OB said she wanted to have me monitored immediately and induce very soon. I wasn't really expecting that I wouldn't even be able to go home first. I didn't even have my bag packed or anything. Plus we weren't exactly sure where would be best to send Adelaide. So we started making lists and calls as we checked into the hospital.

Fetal monitoring has been good. The baby seems quite responsive and active and my doctor said he seems really strong. She said that's good; she'd rather him go through labor now that he's strong versus waiting awhile longer and him potentially get weaker. Even though I'm dilated to a 1, my cervix isn't quite that favorable so they are going to put me on something called cervadil tonight. Tomorrow morning if that hasn't already put me into labor, I'll start pitocin.

Adelaide is in good hands and Rocky went back and got all our bags packed and ready to go so now we're just settled in at the hospital. There's not alot to do here when you're not in labor and just hanging out. Rocky brought movies and laptops so we're just chillin'. Tonight I will get something to help me sleep after my cervadil so I hope to be well rested for tomorrow.

Pray for labor and delivery. Pray the cervadil does it's job well and that I may not even need pitocin. Pray our little guy will be strong through the whole thing and won't get distressed. Pray mostly for him to be healthy and for me to remain that way as well. Days like today make me so thankful to have such good friends that care for us. As soon as the ball got rolling this morning, people started offering homes, child care, food, encouragement, prayers, etc. We love you all and thank God for you.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lots of Pictures

So, many of these are totally random. Some were taken with my phone. Some were taken with the nicer camera. Anyway, enjoy the randomness.

Punk Rock hair.

We had a dinner group at the park a few weeks ago. We got some good pictures of the kiddos especially Kate who actually looks at the camera and smiles. Adelaide as I lament about often will have no part of it.

I love this picture. I'm not sure why, maybe cause it's my kid in action.

The kids kind of look like they are in a gang or something. They all look so tough.

My favorite shot of Adelaide that day.

Double baby shower at CBS.

Adelaide feeding Dolly.

Somehow during nursery at church Adelaide got all the boys to do what she wanted to do-- play with dolls. Here's one of the boys rocking Adelaide and the dolly. Adelaide is a influencer even at her age. It's funny to watch.

The "nursery" just a couple of weeks ago. Ahhhh!

More of the "nursery." It looks so much better now. My mild heartattacks when I enter the room have stopped.

A dangerous habit.

Hilarious sign at Hong Kong Supermarket. 10 lbs? Really?