Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Smells like a. . .

We were making pudding a couple of days ago, and I'll be honest, it smelled weird. Adelaide was helping me and I leaned in and asked her to smell it too. She did and proclaimed, "it smells like a . . . like a . . . belly button." After I stopped laughing, I agreed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

sleep, sweet sleep

Abe slept from 8pm to 6:45 this morning. It was awesome. I hope he keeps it up but I won't hold my breath.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I feel like Adelaide's imagination has exploded in the last few weeks. It's been so awesome. She's been cracking us up more than ever with her comments.

For instance, today Adelaide was having a conversation with Sanook, our cat. Sanook snipped at Adelaide when Adelaide was trying to write on her and she said, "Be nice to me. Don't bite ANYone. If you bite my mommy or my daddy, you would hurt them. Don't hurt my mommy or daddy. I was just trying to talk to you. I saw other cats on the computer too."

Yesterday she was "reading" me "Black Beauty" and she came up with: "The two horses went to their houses in the tree. They ate popcorn and then went to the carnival." From there I couldn't really keep up.

The other day when we were driving down the street, Adelaide suddenly said, "when I'm older, I'll drive a car."

A few weeks ago, we were all in the car and Adelaide started asking us to sing. First she said sing "Jesus Loves me." Then "Jesus Loves the Little Children." It quickly went downhill. She then requested an old fav "Neon Bible." Then "Stickshifts and Safety Belts" by Cake. Then "Kilo." Yes, it's hip hop and talking about drug use. Rocky says it came up once on his iTunes and Adelaide kept requesting it.

I know there are 7000 things Adelaide does to crack us up everyday. I need to right them down more often because I forget them so easily.

Adelaide is such a good big sister too. She takes such good care of Abe. I don't even have to ask her to help most of the time. Yesterday I said, "oh, Abe just spit up a little," and Adelaide bolted into our room and came back with a burp cloth for me. She frequently will be talking to him when she's crying and saying things like "it's ok Abe. Mommy will take care of you." She even sings and pats him alot to comfort him. She even came up with her own nickname for him-- Abey Baby. It's so cute. She wants to lay next to him and hold him alot. She helps me with changing diapers alot. The other day she told me Abe had a really pretty penis. Nice. Really I couldn't ask for her to be better with him.

On another subject, Adelaide is doing very well with the potty. I feel like we've been working on it forever though (oh, that's because we have!). She's had two clean and dry days in a row, and she's been reminding me when she needs to go. We have been here before but Adelaide has regressed twice now. I feel like we're finally seeing some good progress again. Today she actually went to the potty on her own initiative a few times. That's her telling me she had to go, running to the bathroom on her own, pulling down her panties, going. I'm only coming in for the clean up part. Hopefully things will stick this time. It's been tiring working on this for so long especially with a newborn.

Anyway, that's a little snip it of Adelaide these days.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Recently when I take a shopping trip to HEB I can't help but pick up some sushi. It's surprisingly tasty and always hits the spot. I didn't plan on Adelaide eating sushi for dinner, but I wasn't surprised at all when Adelaide loved my sushi tonight. She loved everything-- the crab, the rice, the seaweed, the masago, and even the pickled ginger. She was having ravioli, but when I asked her what she liked better she said she liked the sushi. Funny kid.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Here are some pictures of our time in Colorado. After staff conference, we spent a few days vacationing in the little town of Manitou Springs, at the base of Pike's Peak. It really was a great place to spend our vacation. The town is fun with a few great restaurants. There's an old arcade in the middle of town where we spent an hour or so after dinner playing 5 and 10 cent games. It's close to Colorado Springs, the Garden of the Gods, Pike's Peak, cliff dwellings, Seven Falls, Cave of the Winds, the North Pole, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, etc. We honestly didn't rush to and from attractions. We mostly took it easy and did what we could with the kids. The place we stayed was awesome despite "paranormal activity" we heard about through the tour being given by the historic society when we checked in. Anyway, as promised here are pictures and more pictures.

Saturday, August 01, 2009


Our videos weren't working for awhile (and now they are sort of low quality); I'm glad they are now. I just had to share this video. The seagulls at the beach where crazy. I was scared (that's why I'm videoing from far away) but Rocky and Adelaide had a blast feeding them.

Mad Skills

Who knew Adelaide should take up fencing? She was relentless.

Staff Conference

One of the main meetings.

Our time at the beach was rough with Adelaide. It was filled with bad attitudes, whining, and some tantrums. Our time in Colorado has been a complete 180 of that. (We are in Colorado for the Campus Crusade staff conference). Adelaide has not only had a great attitude, she's also been very sweet and encouraging. She is saying "thank you" and "please" to the littlest things. She's randomly saying "I love you." She has been complimenting me on things like my shirt and skirt. She even has told me "good job" on lots of things. For instance, we were looking for livestock along the road the other day and she said, "Good job Mom. You are good at seeing animals." She LOVES child care here at CSU and cried the other day when I went to pick her up. I guess 8:30-4 isn't enough for her. She said she wanted to stay longer and play with her friends. I have to say I enjoyed the child care as well; it was nice to have a little bit of a break from two kids.

One of the days there was a craft along with story time. The story was of the good samaritan and the kids got to color the injured man and put band-aids on him. Adelaide's version of the story went a little like this, "the man fell down and got hurt. the man helped him. he put lines and band-aids on him. "

The last night when we picked her up, the teachers kept giving her more and more hugs. They had 4 things to say about Adelaide: she's fun. She's full of energy. She doesn't cry easily, and she talks alot. I'm thinking those are compliments? They definitely described Adelaide really well though. Also on the last day, Adelaide had an accident. She described it as "I fell on the boy and hurt his head. The doctor looked at it. She said it's OK." The story goes that 2 kids were running around and ran smack dab right into each other. It resulted in a horrible bloody swollen bruised nose for Adelaide.

The conference was been good. Unfortunately I feel like I wasn't able to focus on alot of the talks, and we had to miss the evening meetings to put Adelaide to bed. One of my favorite parts of the conference (and this is definitely not the spiritual answer) was seeing Tim Hawkins, a Christian comedian. It was also good to catch up with lots of old friends that are on staff with CCC. We love Ft. Collins. It is such a fun little town with cute houses and great restaurants. Rocky and I even got to go on a late night date one night to the local drive in; it was fun even though Rocky fell asleep halfway through the movie.

We've been learning alot about Abe too. We've gotten to spend some quality time with him without chasing Adelaide around. For instance, we now know he HATES his car seat. Hates it. Road trips are no fun any more. He will scream and scream. He likes to be held or just be near someone. My new favorite thing is my Moby wrap. It's now part of my wardrobe. I'm glad the sage green goes with most of my clothes. Despite hating his seat, he is a very happy baby. He can go from sobbing to smiles in about 2 seconds. He is full of smiles. When I feel frustrated with him for something (like crying in the car non stop), he can melt my heart with one of his sweet smiles. Abe is also stretching his naps and nighttime sleep. Finally. he's been taking a long morning nap and 2 shorter naps in the afternoon and evening. Then he's been sleeping around 6-8 hours at night. It's not consistent yet but it's been nice to get more sleep myself.

The first night of the conference, there was a carnival for us at CSU. Adelaide had a blast. Here's some pictures and video of that time. Most of the rest of the conference wasn't all that picture worthy though I have a few of other things.

Going down the big slide with Rocky:

On the merry go round. i love the look on her face:

Abe "reading."

Riding "blue eyes."

Merry go Round