Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too Good to Not Link To

Ah, the Livingston Parish Fair. So many good times there especially for Rocky growing up showing livestock. Even though it opened while we were in Louisiana recently, we didn't get to go :(. Our friend, Brandon, took these great shots that captured it perfectly. Brings back memories.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We headed to our favorite pumpkin patch again this year. We had about 30 minutes of light, the mosquitoes were bad, and Rocky wasn't there to help with the photos (or be in them), but I think we still got some good shots. I love this pumpkin patch. If you live in Cedar Park or North Austin, you should check out the Cedar Park First United Methodist Church. All proceeds from the pumpkins go toward missions. The volunteers are super friendly, and it's a pretty nice location. They aren't crowded and the pumpkins aren't just stacked on a sidewalk like alot of "pumpkin patches" are these days.

Here's some of our favorite shots. Adelaide's good buddy Kate was in a few. She definitely has better posing skills than my kiddos.

why does she insist on this goofy "cheese" face when she actually does pose.

Nice shot of Kate.

I like this picture. I think it's because they are actually starting to act like a brother and sister and it shows here.

I think Adelaide was starting to get fed up with picture taking or her brother.

Does anyone else think Abe looks like a middle aged high school gym teacher in this picture?

They are both almost smiling and almost looking in this one. I'll take it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Adelaide. Oh Adelaide.

Where does she come up with the things she says?

In the car the other day:
Adelaide: "I have my own house. Actually I have 3 houses. . . and 2 phones.

Talking to Rocky yesterday:
"Dad! Our skin matches."

To me the other morning:
"I dreamed about ice cream last night. It was chocolate. . . Can I have some?"

And my favorite recently was today when she went to get her flu shot.
The nurse was concerned that Adelaide wouldn't hold still enough on my lap and kept telling me I'd have to make sure Adelaide was still. Adelaide kept saying, "I will be still." The nurse kept telling me. Finally Adelaide said, "I will be still, and I won't cry either." So the nurse went with it. When she stuck Adelaide, Adelaide had a sharp intake of breath and then said, "I told you so." The nurse agreed that she had been right. She was very proud she held still and didn't cry. She kept talking about it all day. She even ripped her band-aid off a little while later saying it didn't hurt anymore.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Abe keeps us entertained. Even when we are absolutely worn out or frustrated with him for some reason, he flashes his huge grin and wins us all over.

Abe still hates to ride in the car. He's getting better but he still doesn't like it. He was giddy after he got home after our long drive from Louisiana. He was so happy to be out of his seat.

Here's how Abe is getting around these days. He went on to go across the room but I won't bore you with the entire video.

Adelaide thinks she is the best flipper in the world. She gets so excited and wants me to watch her over and over again. She won't flip until she knows she has an audience. It's so cute.


We spent the past week in Louisiana with family and friends. We also went to celebrate the retirement of our hometown church's long time pastor. It was good as always to see everyone. As an added bonus Adelaide is still in Louisiana with family so I'm having a week with just one kid. I miss her, but she's having a great time and I'm able to get alot more done. I've purged clothes, toys, etc. I've run errands. Somehow I haven't gotten as much done as I'd hoped, but I think I was too ambitious. I need to remember I still have one kid and he's been needy this week. Here's some pictures we took while there.

We spent an afternoon at the Bluebonnet Swamp. Here's some pictures from our visit. Unfortunately with 2 kids and family in tow, we were too loud to see lots of animals. We did see a couple of rabbits and snakes though.

This snake fell out of a tree only a few feet away from us. Yikes.

It is absolutely so beautiful in Louisiana. I forget how much I love it.

My mom doesn't really have many toys for the kids. That's OK though. Adelaide entertains herself with whatever she can find.

On Saturday we celebrated my dad's and Rocky's dad's birthdays. We stayed at the park for about 4 or 5 hours. Adelaide had a wonderful time. It is so amazing to see how Adelaide can make friends anywhere. She buddied up with so many people while we were there. It's so nice to see how well she socializes. Abe did pretty well himself. We turned a couple of lawn chairs into a pack n play and he set up camp, napping for 2 hours through all the hustle and bustle.

I LOVE this picture. Love it. Adelaide got so excited when I said, "say cheese," she slammed her hands down, knocking Rocky's glasses in the process. I love both of their expressions.

This is one of the most hilarious things I saw this trip. This was the crane game and the entrance to a restaurant we went to. Instead of a lame stuffed toy, you are trying to catch lobsters. If you win, the restaurant will cook it up and serve it to you. Awesome.

Abe is all over the place these days. He has learned to roll onto his back and then instantly takes off scooting backwards. He has figured out how to get where he wants to go.

Abe is big enough for the doorway jumper now. Crazy. He loves it so much. The first time we put him in to he stayed there happily for about an hour.