Saturday, September 30, 2006

Baby's a kicker

So around week 12 I thought I felt something that was the baby kicking (or moving around). Well, it's now week 18 and I've had the feeling repeatedly since then. It doesn't happen every day and some days it happens alot, but I'm pretty sure it's the baby. It doesn't seem like the feeling corresponds with gas or any digestive thing. It's so exciting to feel the baby.

Crazy Dreams

OK, so I heard that pregnancy dreams were crazy but now I'm attesting to that. I've never been the kind of person that had vivid dreams or even could remember what I dreamt, but now it's a whole 'nother story. From dreams that freak me out like my baby's kidneys not developing to gas prices dropping to $1.07, they've all seemed so real. It's a weird thing, but a fun one most of the time.

3rd Appointment- 16 weeks

Every thing went so well except for the hour wait for Dr. Chalasani to get out of surgery. In the midst of my frustration Rocky reminded me that I would want her to drop patients to be delivering my baby.

Rocky surprised me and recorded the sound of the baby's heartbeat on his phone. I'm such a super dork; I've been listening to it almost everyday. It's such a comfort to hear especially in a time when I'm not feeling so pregnant.

Weight gain was still on target but not quite as exciting as the one pound like last time. This time the gain was around 3 1/2 pounds. Making my total around 6 1/2 lbs. Not so bad I don't guess. I'm just now starting to feel hungry all the time so hopefully I'll stay on target.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


So Rocky thinks it's crazy that his usually sane, laid back wife has started a little nesting. First she wants to move the office/ cats' stuff into the reading nook. Then she wants to get rid of all the reading nook furniture. Then she wants to put shelves in the guest room closet. Then she wants to decorate the nursery.

I'm loving it. I feel like if I'm gonna be at home more often every day I need to set things up how I'm going to be the most happy. Rocky was fighting every minute of my nesting instinct at first but now he's just rolling with it. I've gotta say neither one of us backs down very often, but I really appreciate it now more than ever-- the projects are rolling right along.

Things are looking up

After weeks and weeks of pukiness, I've been feeling so much better. I didn't want to say anything too early and jinx myself, but I think the "morning" sickness has passed. It pretty much lasted from week 6- 14 with some days that were better than others but overall with alot of dry heaving. Occassionally a little gag comes along now, but it's nothing like it was before (which was something like pure misery). At times now it's harder to feel pregnant. No continual reminder that I've got a bun in oven. I don't think I really look pregnant to anyone but me, Rocky, and close friends. And now I don't really feel much different either. I can tell you, I'm really looking forward to some kicking pretty soon.

Our 2nd appointment, August 23.

Well, I switched doctors after the first appointment. Friend's opinion or not, a woman who says who partners are just average aren't good enough for our baby. So I headed back to Dr. Chalasani who I've been going to do since I moved to Austin.

I went into the appointment thinking that I'd be proded and poked like on the first one, but no. Just alot of talking. The only thing that made me feel like the appointment was worth while was hearing the heart beat-- a steady 150 bpm. What a wonderful sound and what a wonderful invention. Rocky said he'd love to have one of those machines around (but he might be a little too much like Tom Cruise then!). In some ways, hearing our baby's heartbeat next to mine was even cooler than seeing it at the last appointment.

Next to hearing the heartbeat, the next most exciting thing was stepping on the scale. I actually had been dreading that moment since I haven't been keeping up with it at home. I felt like I'd gained about 10 pounds since my first appointment but I was excited to learn otherwise. I had gained just 1 pound since the appointment at 7 weeks! That's a pretty exciting thing to a fat pregnant woman. Although I'm dreading stepping on the scale all over again this time.