Monday, May 28, 2007

First Trip to Louisiana

Right now we are in Louisiana. We decided to go last minute over the Memorial Day weekend. I was a bit nervous about Adelaide's first road trip, but so far she's done great. The normally 8 hour road trip took us 10 instead but she stayed on her regular schedule and slept 7 hours the night we arrived. I had been especially worried since the night before the trip she woke up every 3 hours, something totally out of the ordinary for her. I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It's been fun for her to get to see her grandparents and to meet Uncle Mike for the first time.

Since we've been here she's been to her first crawfish boil, ridden her first tractor, been introduced to livestock, and visited Judson Baptist and New Beginnings Churches. Thursday night we stayed at my mom's house. It was late when we got in so we went to sleep not long after we got there. Mike got to see her first though. The next day Rocky's mom came over and we went to lunch with his parents and Dan. Saturday we went to Wal-mart so my mom could show Adelaide off to all her work friends and then had a crawfish boil at Mike's that evening. I was interested to see how well Adelaide would handle the spice. I hated to just pump and dump without knowing whether or not she could handle it. She seemed to do fine with it though.

Sunday was definitely her most difficult day. She slept 10 hours the night before and was ready for her morning nap as we arrived at church, but no one cared about her nap schedule. Her toes were tugged, her blanket pulled off, her faced rubbed. Everyone kept begging us to wake her up to be held. We resisted but as soon as we went into the service they had a greeting time. A lady came up and pulled her car seat sunshade back and her eyes popped wide open. It took her pretty much the whole service to fall back asleep then right afterwards the whole thing started again. Everyone kept saying we needed to wake that baby up, even Rocky's mom, so finally we gave in. We paid for it the rest of the day. Her naps were all thrown off and she cried and cried at Michael's house that afternoon. People can be so disrespectful sometimes.

Today we're planning on having a memorial day cook out at North park near my mom's house. We've invited most of my extended family but I'm not sure any of them will show up. We'll see. Anyway, I'll post some pics and videos once we get home. Adelaide is definitely growing so fast. By looking at how well she can hold up her head and chest, she'll be crawling before we know it!

Monday, May 21, 2007

2 month check up

I don't know why the vertical pics aren't upright like they normally are. I'll work on it and fix it later.

Today was Adelaide's two month check up. I heard that it can be a rough one because of the immunizations so I was a bit worried. I had to wake Adelaide up to get her there and tried to feed her a little before the car ride so she'd be full and happy at the doctor's. Well, she fell as soon as I tried to nurse her so I gave up and just strapped her in the car seat.

Since she hadn't eaten and had to be woken up when we got to the pediatrician's I really thought we'd be in for a difficult visit, but Adelaide was great. She smiled and laughed the whole time she was being weighed, measured, and had checked out. The doctor wrote on her chart that she was "pleasant" (which she's been every time). She weighed 11 lbs. 6 oz (4 lbs. 4 oz. more than her birth weight) and measured 23 inches long (2.5 inches more than her birth length). This placed her in the 75th percentile both in weight and height. The doc said that's really great; she's very proportional.

He then checked her physical development-- her ability to hold up her head and shoulders, her ability to "stand" up, and her "push ups." After all those things he said above average wouldn't be good enough to describe Adelaide's development, he said she is superb! It looks like the few minutes of tummy time we make her endure each day are paying off.

I asked him a few questions-- about her drool, spit up, something that feels like a pea on her head, and her toenails. He said she's drooling a little earlier than most kids. It just means the gland that produce saliva have developed faster than most (one advancement that wasn't necessary in my book). He said the spit up is fine. We only need to worry when she hates lying on her back or if she is extremely fussy. Even if she spits up her whole meal once every other day it would be fine. He said the pea I was feeling was just her a lymph node and that her toenails are ingrown but that they should be fine and that it's normal.

Next came the part I was not looking forward to-- the immunizations. Adelaide had to have 3 shots and another immunization taken orally. She did an excellent job taking the the one orally. Then I talked to her as the nurse gave her 3 shots in about 3 seconds (see the bandaids on her leg in the pic above). I have never seen Adelaide cry so hard; her face turned redder than I'd ever seen a person turn before. She cried for about a minute. I shushed her and nursed her. She calmed down pretty quick after she started eating.

After she ate she fell fast asleep. Poor girl was worn out. We headed to Babies R Us after that while she slept. I had to get a new car seat. The manufacturer recommends replacing car seats after a wreck so I was definitely gonna do it since someone else's insurance was gonna cover it. Why take the chance that it wouldn't be as safe?

Adelaide slept all the way from 3:45 or so until 6:15 or so. After that she cried and cried. I fed her, gave her tylenol (the doctor said it would help with soreness and fever) I tried to pacify her anyway I could. Things would only help temporarily. Poor girl was so sore. She finally settled down around 8:30 or so and went to sleep.

I hope she'll be feeling better tomorrow. Here's some pics from the past week:

Rocky and I had breakfast Friday with Adelaide watching us in her bumbo seat:

The kid absolutely loves watching our faces:

Adelaide has been putting everything in her mouth already. All her toys have been covered with saliva recently.

About once a week Adelaide takes a shower with Rocky. She really enjoys it, almost as much as a bath.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Accident

On the way to Wal-mart today I got in a car accident. They've been doing construction on 1431 in front of our neighborhood for awhile. It's been dangerous driving on it ever since they cut out the middle turning lane. I've seen numerous accidents in the past few months and I avoid this road if at all possible.

I was headed westbound on 1431 while this buick was headed eastbound. She turned left and didn't see me so I t-boned her. Luckily I wasn't going very fast and our kids were fine. She have a 4 year old in her vehicle. Adelaide and I were shook up but fine. I did go to the hospital to get checked out as my back were tense and sore; I'm taking pain killers now. The police report said the accident was the other driver's fault. My car will need some work-- the bumper, side fenders, and hood replaced-- but I'm still able to drive it. I'm so thankful Adelaide's OK. She was all I could think about.

Adelaide notices her hand

Adelaide sleeps in her pack and play during the day for naps. I want her to get used to it and her crib so she can sleep pretty much anywhere.

Below is a video of Adelaide. It's a little long and probably of little interest to anyone but me and family, but I'm posting it anyway. She's on her pack n play, her favorite place.

In this one, Adelaide notices her hand. She focuses on it and pulls it toward her face a couple of times.

Mother's Day

It's crazy to think that I'm a mom. It still hasn't set in yet (which is weird). You'd think after tons of poopy diapers, spit up, and sleep deprivation that I'd feel like one but no. I keep feeling like it's not a permanent life change for some reason. I feel like I'm just a long term baby sitter or something. I'm waiting for reality to really hit soon. So it was weird hearing "happy mother's day" over and over yesterday. Me, Sunee, am a mom.

So I got one of the best presents for mother's day. (besides the faucet from ikea that Rocky bought me). Adelaide slept for 9 and a half hours. It's definitely not a consistent thing yet but it was the longest she's slept thus far. We are still jumping around from about 6 hours straight to 7 or 8. Never 9 and a half. Boy, I could get used to full night's sleep again soon. (though unfortunately I still have to get up to pump every 3.5 hours or so to keep my milk supply up).

Rocky took me to lunch after church and I chose to go to Pacific Star. Definitely not a place known for it's ambience but the food is delicious. I order stuffed catfish and the owner was giving away free cheesecake to all mom's. It was a nice surprise at the end of the meal but I wish I'd saved room for it. I left there stuffed to the brim.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Picture People

Today we went in to picture people to get some pictures done. We'd gotten a few coupons in the mail and lots of people said they loved them so we thought we'd give them a try. Being the day before mother's day there were slim pickins as far as appointments go. Plus it's so hard to know in advance when will be a good time with a newborn. Unfortunately 12:30 didn't turn out to be the best time today. She was not her normal personable self. She ate right before her appointment but of course the photographers were running behind. So by the time it was our turn, she was tired. We did get a few photos but are pretty sure we won't be buying any more in the future. It's frustrating to us that in the digital age, everyone thinks they are a photographer. The art of selecting exposure, lighting, and even framing have gone out to window to be replaced with digital cropping and exposure changing after the fact. Anyway, all in all I'm sure our families will still love the results.

Adelaide playing outside

Yesterday Adelaide, Rocky, and I spent awhile outside playing and reading together. Adelaide is really loving her play gym (thanks Meagan McCoy). We did have to cover up the top of it with a blanket to keep the sun out of her eyes though. She is grasping at her toys and batting them around now. Here's a little clip of our time yesterday.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Big week

Rocky was out of town Sunday through Wednesday so I planned alot so I wouldn't lose my mind being at home alone all day every day with a baby. Sunday we did our normal bible study thing. Monday Sarah, Brooke, and Jamie come over for lunch and to watch Mansfield Park. Super fun. I even got to watch the majority of the movie without getting up-- unheard of. Adelaide just laid on my legs, watched me, smiled, and laughed pretty much the whole time. It was a sweet moment. Another sweet moment was waking up Tuesday morning at 6:15 after Adelaide slept a whopping 8 hours. I can't wait for that to be a regular thing.

Rocky tried to bring Adelaide along with him:

Corin and Adelaide:

I tried putting Adelaide in her big stroller but quickly changed my mind when it swallowed her whole. She wasn't too happy to be in there:

Tuesday I went in to the office for a little bit to help TJ with the Summer Project briefing conference for a couple of hours then went to hang out with Erica and Jasper. Adelaide sat in a bumbo seat for the first time. I didn't know how old kiddos needed to be in order to hang out in those but I think it really depends on their neck control. However, I just looked on the internet, and the suggested age is 3-16 months. Oh well. Call my kid advanced. Since Adelaide's is pretty good for her only being 7 weeks old, she did well in it for a few minutes (then her neck got a little wobbly). Then Tuesday evening, Laurel and Brandi came over to watch Catch and Release with me. That was definitely more of a normal movie-watching-with-a-newborn experience. I was up quite a bit but of course it was during her most needy part of the day.

Adelaide at the Gants' in a bumbo seat:

Wednesday was a bit rougher. I'm such a spoiled mom. I haven't had to get up more than once in the night since Adelaide was 2 1/2 weeks old. Well, I had to Tuesday night. She only slept 4 hours in a row. Followed by only 2 1/2 hours after that. Then when morning came, she continued in a not much sleep cycle until afternoon. Not fun. After I got a few catnaps in, we headed over to hang out with Cheryl, Sadie, and Mallory. Once again Adelaide had a hard time falling asleep. (We've just been teaching her to fall asleep on her own and she had been pretty good at it but somehow seems to be reverting). Then Wednesday evening, we went over to Cami's for girls' night. Once again, a movie. This time it was Music and Lyrics. I'm a sucker for those type of movies, but I had to leave early and didn't get to finish it. :(. It's hard having to be home for bedtime sometimes.

Wednesday night was pretty much a replay of Tuesday night. I don't think I'd be nearly as frustrated with her waking up twice in the middle of the night if she'd never done anything else. Today her napping has gotten even worse. She hasn't really taken a solid nap since she woke up this morning and she has been extremely fussy. Now this is all relative to how she normally is so I know I probably don't have much to complain about. Anyway, I hope things get back on track toward a full nights sleep and quality naps soon.

Here's some other pics of Adelaide from this past week.

Rocky would hate it if he knew I put a pic of his chest on this page but we'll keep it a secret. I just love this picture of Adelaide.

We're starting her early on the Bronco paraphernalia. Rocky and I actually made this shirt:

If nothing else fails, putting Adelaide in the carseat usually works. She loves it more than the bouncer, the swing, the pack and play, etc. She loves it:

So I know this picture isn't a very good one, but once again. I love her expression.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

4 generations

Rocky was out of town last weekend and my family came in to visit. Here's a picture of Adelaide, me, my mom, and grandmother. I just noticed Adelaide's got red eyes in the picture. I've never had to worry about red eye reduction before. I'll have to think about that now with her baby blues.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Weeks 5 and 6

Here's a few pictures from the last couple of weeks. At just before 5 weeks, Adelaide started smiling and she's hardly stopped. That's the big milestone, definitely a very exciting one.
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Rocky and Adelaide taking a nap together.

Adelaide's doing a great job of holding her head up. When I'm holding her she will also stand up. She's got some great tough legs.

Bath time is one of our favorite times. She smiles and smiles as I pour the warm water over her body.

My family came into town while Rocky was gone to West Virginia last week. When he got back, we all went to the Oasis, a restaurant that overlooks Lake Travis. ADelaide had a fun time. She couldn't even eat there cause she was so excited by the lights and sounds.