Thursday, September 24, 2009

Big Girl Bed

After seeing her BFF in a big kid bed, Adelaide decided she wanted to sleep in one and wanted to sleep in one last night. So we dismantled her crib spur of the moment and put her mattress on the floor. She only got out three times which we figured was pretty good for our kiddo. She slept in the craziest positions during the night, half on and off the mattress most of the time. Tonight we assembled a toddler bed for her, but the rails aren't stopping her too much. Currently her legs are dangling over the edge of the bed and her head and at the foot. Tonight she didn't get out at all though and fell asleep pretty quickly. I'm so proud of her.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Forgot some photos. These are all from tonight. Both kids were in bed and asleep by 7pm. Weird but I'm not complaining.

Abe pretty much always has his tongue out these days. Cute.

Adelaide "eating" her "ice cream" during her bath. She said it was ice cream with blueberries on top. Oh boy. What a kid can do with a ball and a birdie.

I have the hardest time getting a picture of Adelaide's actual smile so here are some. She actually is starting to cooperate a little.

Once again, hard to get Adelaide to stop moving long enough for a photo, but I love her smile in this one.


I just uploaded lots of photos.

I also wanted to add that the weather has been awesome. Being from Louisiana, I never thought I'd want rain as badly as I have wanted it here this summer. Today Adelaide said, "the grass likes the rain. the flowers open their mouths and drink it up." How poetic.

sportin' Adelaide's headband.

Adelaide wanted to wear her baby like I wear Abe so I found another use for her blanket. I love this picture mostly because of her expression.

Adelaide wanted to give her brother hugs.

They are the sweetest siblings ever.

Adelaide has been doing everything with her Gideon's Bible including brushing her teeth.

Good times with our friends the Hurleys.

Adelaide with one of her best friends, Eliana. Adelaide listed out her best friends the other day-- Eliana, Kate, and Ave-- by age I might add. It was super cute.

Adelaide is far from a tomboy but she has been playing with cars pretty much nonstop. Here she is hugging her Bronco loaded down with two "moms."

Morning cuddle time with Abe.

Abe isn't hating his carseat quite as much. However, if he falls asleep in his seat, his eyes still pop open as soon as we stop moving. I am becoming more and more of a homebody because of it.

Abe wearing one of many shirts from his grandparents.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Adelaide is officially 2 and a half today.

And to celebrate, Abe has his first cold-- stuffed up nose, trouble sleeping, no appetite, and a mild fever. Boo.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Did she teach herself to read?

Yesterday was a nice day. Used the potty all day. Check. Great attitudes all around. Check. Abe napped perfectly despite 4 mth shots. Check. Adelaide woke up at 10am and then still took a 2 hour nap. Check. Like I said, great day. I even got some reading in.

I told Adelaide we were going to go to her room to read together. I was going to read my bible and she could read whatever she wanted in her "reading nook" that Rocky made her. She asked to read her bible too so I got out all her bibles-- 2 picture bibles and a small pink pocket bible (like a gideon's bible). She laid in her nook and read her Gideon's bible for 30 minutes. I keep asking her if she wanted to read one of the picture ones, and she said she didn't. She carried the bible with her all day and would stop and "read" occasionally.

When bed time rolled around, she asked Rocky if she could bring her bible to bed with her. He said she could. Thanks for our video monitor we saw that Adelaide "read" her bible for about an hour before going bed. I can't picture what must be going on in her head. There are no pictures. How can the text be that interesting to her that she could read for hours yesterday? The only conclusion I came to is that she must be able to read. Otherwise, she may be crazy?

She woke up this morning with her little pink bible in hand again. She kept reading all morning. I asked her what she was reading and she said, "the letters." Rocky interpreted that to mean the Pauline epistles.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

In Need of a Picture

It's been years since we did one of those family photo magnet things (since before Adelaide was born). Being on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, I think that is almost grounds to be fired (I joke), but that said, we need a picture. We need a nice family picture of the 4 of us. It will be no small feat. Rocky, as we learned after many attempts at this in the past, can't smile. Seriously. He feels awkward in photos and simply can't do it without looking weird. Adelaide can't sit still or look at the camera. She can say "cheese" and continue doing whatever she was doing before. And then there's Abe. He's a newborn but I probably have more hope in him than the other two. Anyway, if anyone of you photographer friends out there is up for the challenge, I would love you forever.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Updates all around

There's so much I haven't kept up to date on.

Big news for ME.
New haircut. Big haircut. I'll be donating the hair to Beautiful Lengths to help make a wig for cancer patients. A friend Tracie picked the style and made the cut. It's so weird to have such short hair now but it's kind of refreshing. It's nice not to have to pry my hair out of Abe's hands multiple times every day.

The Before:

The After:

After again:

Big news for ABE

Abe is sweet, so sweet, maybe the sweetest baby ever. I have to say I've been blessed with 2 amazing babies. Both my kids were easy babies in different ways. Abe puts himself to sleep no problem almost every time. Abe had gas early on but once we figured that out by switching formula, he hasn't had many bouts of crying. Abe doesn't entertain himself quite as easily as Adelaide did, but his amazing smiles make up for all the extra attention he needs. Both my kids have been crazy vocal. I had to leave church service on Sunday not because of crying but because Abe's laughs and squeals were so distracting. Abe is amazingly strong. He is already scooting like crazy and rolling around. Honestly he's been doing it since birth. Seriously. However, he's definitely kicking it up a notch. The other morning we went into his room and found him at the other end of the bed, on his back (um, yes, pediatricians he does sleep on his tummy!), and giggling at his mobile. Adelaide was great at sitting and standing up at this age which was freakish. Abe isn't close but that's ok. Adelaide was sleeping about 12 hours through the night. Abe's occasionally slept 10 or 11, but he averages 8-9. Abe likes a schedule because he sleeps best on his tummy and hates running errands. Adelaide was happy to sleep in her carseat wherever we went. If Abe doesn't get good naps in the morning and afternoon, he gets grumpy in the evening. Abe sleeps alot less than Adelaide did but he is still happy the majority of the time when he's awake. They both are similar in the way they eat. Neither one of them cares about eating when they first get up in the morning. They both could drink their weight in milk prior to bed. I'm sure I've lost all readers at this point, but that's cool. I've just been thinking about how different the kids are already and want to mention it.

Here's a quick video of Abe:

Update on ADELAIDE:
Wow. I don't really know where to start. Adelaide has been such a joy to be around recently. Thank God. I mean it. I've been so thankful.

She seemed to have matured so much over the past couple of months. She seems like a genuine kid. She has been really into "reading" recently. She has to go to bed with a book and will stay up for a long time just laying there flipping the pages back and forth (thank you video monitor). Rocky made her a reading nook in the corner of her room and on the days when she doesn't nap, she will go to the corner and read for an hour. She brought the bathroom stool in her room so she can always reach the books on the top shelf.

One day after room time she came up to me and said, "We have two Peter Rabbits." She was right. She had found two Peter Rabbit books. The next day she found 2 more. How do we have 4 copies of that book? They are all different but she figured out they are the same story. A story which she has pretty much memorized. She can talk me through the entire book-- the siblings, who the farmer is and what he is doing, what Mr. McGregor does with Peter's clothes that he loses, what the rat has in his mouth, what Peter's cousin's name is, how Peter gets out of the garden, what he does when he gets home, and what he and his siblings eat and drink. I haven't read it to her that much. It's not my favorite book but Adelaide loves it so I'm getting over it.

She so good spatially. She can tackle a puzzle in seconds. Her grammy just sent her an ABC puzzle and she finished the entire thing herself in about 2 minutes on the first try. She has now moved up to jigsaw puzzles. She's almost got a 16 piece Curious George one down pat. She is great with patterns too. I just tried making a color chain with her the other day and she go the pattern instantly. She's good with shapes as well. Today we went to McDonald's and she turned to me and said, "I put my shoes in the pink hexagon." Sure enough. She's also really aware all the time of where things are around her. I'm trying to think of an example, but don't have a good one. Other than she knows where things are all the time. Her cup, knows where it is. The burp cloth I left on some random chair in the other room, Adelaide can get it for me instantly if I just ask her to find it. It's kind of nice because I'm losing things left and right these days.

Adelaide continues to crack us up. Today she came up to me and told me I needed to help her put on her panties because she said, "When I do it, I turn into a mermaid." That's another way to describe putting both legs in 1 hole.

She was praying in the car the other day. I just looked in the back seat and she had her head bowed, eyes closed, hands together. What was she saying but "Thank you God for buttons."

The other day when we were at Wal-mart, Adelaide spied the Pez. She was fascinated and asked if she could get one. I said sure, that it could be a potty treat but that she had to wait 'til we got home to open it. Rounding the next corner she says, "is this our home?" I say "what do you think?" She says, "yes. (pointing) There's my bedroom. There's daddy's room and Abe's room."