Monday, January 26, 2009

Maybe the Sweetest Kid Ever

This morning I was upset about something and was crying a little bit. Adelaide came up to me and gave me a big hug. Then she said, "Wanna talk about it, mama?" I could help but smile. Then she said, "feel better now, mama?" I love my daughter.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Eve and Day Pictures

So no one probably cares at this point except for a few family members, but here are pictures from Christmas eve and Christmas day.

We made cookies on Christmas eve. Adelaide helped alot. The messiness almost drove Rocky crazy, but we had a great time.

Now this is how you eat an iced sugar cookie-- icing first.

Proud helper.

Messy mom and daughter.

The stockings Christmas morning.

Adelaide loved to enjoy each present as she opened it, and since it was just us and she didn't have much we let her play with everything.

I'm pretty sure the Legos are her favorite thing.

Her first Potatohead creation.

Rocky modeling one of his wrapping jobs.

enjoying her sleeping bag and matching water bottle-- a great clearance find at Target.

At the big Cedar Park Christmas tree once more. Good times.

We lounged around alot on Christmas day but didn't take the time to make a ton of tamales, something we hope to make a family tradition. It will be much nicer when everyone in the family can do their part and we just hang out and make them together. They were absolutely delicious.

Weird Eater

Adelaide used to be an excellent eater, but over the past six months or so has become pretty particular. Meal times have become the most frustrating parts of our day. We went from her not wanting to eat vegetables or things that are good for her to her sometimes not wanting to eat anything at all. We've tried less milk to increase her appetite. We've tried airplane with the spoon. We've raced to see who could eat their bites the fastest. Some things helped sometimes but meals were still always a guessing game. Well, for some reason Adelaide has been eating like a cow recently. She still may not be eating the best foods, but she's actually eating and we're not having to spend hours of our day getting her to do it.

Tonight for dinner she polished off lots a piece and a half of roasted chicken, a piece of cheese bread, and a few bites of sweet potato. Today at lunch she ate an entire grilled kid's meal at Steak n Shake-- an entire grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Last night, for the second time this week (because my dad's in town and it's a good excuse), we ate out at authentic Chinese places. Adelaide ate tons; she loves it. She ate chicken, duck, rice, but she preferred the squid, shrimp, scallops, and crab. She loves seafood and polishing it off with no prompting. A couple nights before we ate at a place called Bush's chicken, nothing special just plain ol' fried chicken. Well we ordered a 8 piece for the 4 of us and it's a good thing too because Adelaide ate 4 pieces of chicken. I'm not talking nuggets or strips. I'm talking pieces of chicken. Granted she doesn't like breading so we took all that off, but she ate 2 legs, a thigh, and a wing. It's crazy. We usually don't cut her off because she eats in spurts. We will let her keep going because we know that the following day may mean only a few bites per meal.

Ah. I'm going to enjoy it while I can. Each meal may be the last easy one.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I have news

Yesterday was the big day, the ultrasound. The one that turns my stomach into knots the day before as I wonder if the baby is healthy and as I prepare myself to hear the gender, yeah, that one. Well, I've got news, good news. The baby looks absolutely healthy (and quite rambunctious I might add). The kiddo didn't hold still for any pictures, and I'm not quite sure if the technician got all the measurements and everything she needed. That was a bummer, but the baby did cooperate plenty long for us to figure out that we're having a boy! I was totally shocked. I really didn't expect that. I'm excited, but I really thought all my miserable morning sickness was telling me I needed to get ready for another girl. I'm so pumped. I'm ready to go through all the boxes of clothes to see what is gender neutral enough for the kid to wear. I'm feeling ready to nest now. Oh, and I should probably spend some time thinking up a name for the little one as well.