Friday, December 25, 2009


OK, so once again I'm going to be lazy and just post a link to my photos on flickr. I'll post one absolutely adorable one of Abe just to entice you. Here are tons more of my adorable baby boy.

I've got pictures of our trip to Seaworld we took on Wednesday. It was probably the best trip we've had there yet. The weather was absolutely perfect and even though we didn't get there until noon, we got to do everything we wanted to do and didn't suffer at all from the kids being tired late in the day. We got to build toys, visit with Santa, fed dolphins (which we hadn't wanted to pay for up until now), watched the Sesame Street Christmas show, enjoyed the always funny Sea lion show, and nearly cried at the Shamu show. However, Adelaide favorite thing wasn't any of those things. It was her first ever roller coaster ride.

She kept asking to go on it over and over. Rocky walked her up to the height requirement sign to show her she wasn't tall enough. Being 2 inches shy of the required 38", the attendant said, "it's OK. She can go." Rocky kept asking her if she wanted to back out and she kept assuring him she didn't. Well, off they went. Abe and I watched from the side and I panicked a little as they rocketed off.

As the roller coaster came to a stop, I heard a kid sobbing. I thought for sure it was Adelaide, but no. I saw her jumping up and down with her arms in the air, squealing with delight. Rocky said he wished he could of recording her expressions the entire ride. She was yelling "yes!" and had her arms. When the ride stopped, she said, "Thanks Shamu for taking me for a ride!" It was awesome. It's all the talked about the rest of the day. So cute.

Christmas day was incredible. We started out with stockings and then made a beautifully delicious breakfast (one of my favorites), eggs benedict. After breakfast, reading the Christmas story, and adding our last ornament to our Jesse Tree, we moved on to presents. Adelaide couldn't have been happier with all her gifts-- a doll house, cash register, homemade scarf, puzzle book, new glow in the dark book, etc. And Abe surprising got into it. He kept looking at us with this expression that said, "is it really ok for me to destroy this paper?" The shape sorter was a big hit with both him and Adelaide. I bought it because it was Adelaide's absolute favorite toy when she was a baby (we'd checked it out from the toy library AKA Family Connections many times). He also was thrilled with his new CD player; the kid really loves music.

I hope to do a big update of the kids soon, especially on Abe. He's grown so much in the past 1.5 since I updated-- he sits up, he actually eats solids, he sleeps, he's getting a tooth, he crawls (oh, wait. no. he's still just happily scooting), he "talks" alot more. . . He gets more fun by the day.

Anyway, Merry Christmas 2009 to all!

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cheryl said...

cute pics. glad y'all made it to Sea World. ;o) sorry we never got to go at the same time.